Everything we do influences positive change.

Let’s change the world together — in our group, in our communities, and beyond.

Areté members power through challenging issues together by linking arms to inspire, encourage, and leverage our influence for positive and sustainable change.


With Areté, I am living a more integrated life of faith and work. I’ve grown deeply personally and professionally. And, I have a group of soul sisters that inspire me, believe in me, and make life more fun.”

— Dr. Roxie Mooney, DBA | CEO, Legacy DNA


I found a warm and welcoming group of lovely, accomplished women dedicated to growth, their life missions, families, friendships, and Christian faith – demonstrated through their powerful warrior-like prayers and faith.”

— Jennifer Cottingham | Southern Methodist University; Water Engineer; Dallas, Texas


Arete has provided me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally with a group of 'sisters' who complete and don't compete with each other.”

— Lynn Flander | Chief Operating Officer

Kathy Branzell

We have such an extraordinary gift, a priceless treasure in our Areté sisterhood! Women who deeply love one another and will not just cheer one another on but do anything they can to make sure the others succeed. it is remarkable and I am grateful!”

— Kathy Branzell | President, National Day of Prayer Task Force

Across the room. And around the world.

Whether breaking through professional or personal roadblocks, or helping women in developing nations become self-sufficient leaders in their communities, Areté members help women across the room and around the world become the best that they can be.

Volunteer Experiences

Board Experiences

Across the Room

Around the World

Building Leaders

When you join Areté, you gain a network of female leaders who have not only succeeded in their chosen professions but have committed themselves to helping other women succeed.

Many Areté members volunteer their time and expertise to help build the next generation of faith-based women business and ministry leaders. They provide C-level training and support through nonprofit boards, community and school leader mentorship programs, and churches and ministries.

Sharing Knowledge

Areté members extend their knowledge, experience and influence to other leaders and communities, even in post corporate career seasons.

Many members hold paid corporate board director roles, and nonprofit and community board roles. Others have chosen to serve ministry and nonprofit endeavors following their corporate careers.

Helping Women Across the Room

As Areté members, we believe that we are ‘better together’ as a group and operate as one another’s advisory board and think tank in a pure, rich, confidential space where vulnerability and transparency are shared freely and authentically.

We encourage and raise each other up, having each other’s back in and out of our professional seasons.

Helping Women Around the World

When it comes to helping other women thrive, Areté members know no borders. From training female leaders in impoverished nations and areas to build self-sustaining communities, to helping resolve homelessness, to equipping women leaders with the knowledge to succeed,

our members travel great distances to help women around the world through:

  • Intentional leadership development training
  • Marketing
  • Financial and budget modeling
  • Sustainable growth modeling
  • Mission work
  • Bible translations
  • National and international prayer movements
  • And more

Join the nation’s top faith-based female business and ministry leaders.

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